Jeff Erichsen

Jeff Erichsen


The director of Advanced Infrared Resources Australia (AIRA), Jeff Erichsen, has been involved in the Mining and Construction industries for over 20 years in positions as both a Qualified Heavy Equipment Fitter and a Supervisor/Manager. He is also a certified Category 3 Thermographer with Advanced Infrared Resources and a certified Category 1 Thermographer with the Australian Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (AINDT).

Having dedicated thousands of practical hours and innumerable theoretical and R&D hours from inception in 2012, Jeff has emerged as one of Australia’s most experienced specialists in the use of Thermography in mechanical applications on heavy mobile mining equipment and fixed plant. 

Jeff is also a selected committee member of AUSPTA (Australian Professional Thermography Association) & is invited to present his findings and methodologies regularly to the association members and visitors at their general meetings.

The relationship between Wayne Ruddock and Jeff Erichsen began in 2014, when Jeff approached Wayne to mentor him in the area of industrial thermography. Wayne's keen interest in medical thermography also led to a relationship being formed as a verifier of Jeff’s work in medical research with the Neurophysics Therapy Institute of Australia.

Wayne recently communicate his intent to reduce his travel to Australia New Zealand and an agreement was formed for Jeff to undergo training to become certified by Wayne to carry out his Australasian training.

Jeff is now proudly the Director of Operations for the Asia Pacific Region for Advanced Infrared Resources.