Infrared Thermography Training and Certification


Jeff Erichsen of Advanced Infrared Resources Australia is the Director of Operations of the Asia Pacific Region for Advanced Infrared Resources in Canada.  Click Here to visit Advanced Infrared Resources Canada. The material used in the courses presented by Advanced Infrared Resources in Australia replicate the courses developed by world-renowned Infrared thermography trainer, Wayne Ruddock of Canada.

Wayne has been delivering Infrared Thermography training courses to ISO and ASNT standards since 1980 and has used his wealth of experience in the use of Infrared Thermography in predictive maintenance and building science to develop thorough and practical Infrared Thermography training courses.


Infrared Thermography Training and Certification

Advanced Infrared Resources is a Company dedicated to delivering superior quality, personalized, hands on infrared thermography training.

Category 1 and Category 2 Certification can be attained through Advanced Infrared Resources by students who complete the written requirements for each level. Each course follows the ISO 18436-7 Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines - Infrared recommended course curriculum.

Each student learns to operate their own camera efficiently, making use of all of the camera features and functions available for their specific application.

Courses contain hands on workshops to ensure that each student can proficiently perform the infrared thermography tasks required to complete their infrared functions in a correct manner once they return to their work place.

Each student will receive free telephone & email support from their instructor after they have attended a course.


wayne ruddock

Mr. Wayne Ruddock, B.Sc. Physics, M.Sc. Education, a 37 year veteran of hands-on Infrared Training. He has combined audio, visual, and kinetic presentations to make learning easy for individuals from all backgrounds. Learn all the Tips and Best Practices from a seasoned Thermographer and Educator who knows the do's and don'ts of Real World Thermography! The course workshops are designed to produce thermographers who not only understand the theoretical background of infrared thermography but can also proficiently operate their Infrared System in a wide variety of applications.

All courses follow ISO 18 436 – 7 and contain reference to ISO 18434 and ISO 13379

All courses are run independent of camera manufacturers or organisations that relate to camera manufacturers and distinctly focus on the predictive maintenance uses of thermography.
The Australian director and instructor at Advanced Infrared Resources Australia (AIRA) is Jeff Erichsen please see the about us page for Jeff's bio.